Lord Gummer and his tablet of stone

13th Jun 2022


At the end of this month, the Committee on Climate Change will once again deliver their annual tablet of stone, their report to Parliament. Moses, in the form of Lord Gummer, will once again predict eternal damnation for those that don’t follow their ten commandments.

Once again, we will see the religious followers parroting the same lines they have done for the past ten years – “The future is all electric and disbelievers should be banished from the kingdom”. OK, I exaggerate a little, but anyone with experience of questioning the CCC know what I mean.

This year, I suspect they will reflect upon the global energy price challenge, but remain fixed to their long-held view about UK heating. If they were to do so they would be ignoring the steady but clear trajectory the government and industry has been delivering upon. Now I understand blind faith, I’m a Birmingham City supporter, but that doesn’t stop me recognising the limits of my support. Unfortunately for some in the CCC, it seems ignoring reality has almost become a badge of honour. My team is not going to win the Premier League title, nor the Championship, despite my hopes.

Their report will no doubt parrot the usual line about hydrogen, that there is simply not the supply available to heat to UK homes. The suppliers, if asked, will reply that unless demand is there, supply will not be forthcoming. Consumer demand will drive supply, as it always does in market economies.

In previous reports, the CCC have described as “headwinds” the scenario that sees greater levels of hydrogen used for domestic heating. This speaks volumes about their attitude towards consumers and what the public might want, rather than what the elite say they should have. It is not an obstruction to offer an alternative view. I’d much rather have options going forward, than a tablet of stone telling me what I can and can’t have. Have decarbonised power and gas networks and let the consumer, Moses, decide what happens next.

 Best wishes

Mike Foster, CEO

Mike Foster

EUA's Chief Executive


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