“Let’s be having you”

11th Oct 2021


Remember those images of Delia Smith, urging football fans to get behind their team. They were taking a battering and she wanted fans to help lift the team on the field. She told the fans they were the best in the country; they had a great opportunity to show that but needed to shout about it.

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It is often said, that a good friend is one who will be honest with you. One that will tell you when things are wrong, as well as right. They’ll pick you up when down and keep your feet on the ground when you’re high. So my friends, here’s my Delia moment.

The past few weeks have seen the news dominated by high energy prices, predominantly gas. While the causes may be global as well as UK induced, the impact on consumer bills is very much a local problem. And with gas seen as the culprit, those arguing for an end to gas heating may have the chance to make their case. But as we enter the winter heating season, it’s time for our industry to start to make a noise.

The argument about gas storage may have been lost in 2013 to political dogma, but the very idea of switching gas heating to electric should fill politicians with dread. That is, if they understand the consequences. Meeting highly variable peaks of heat demand is not what electricity can easily do. Gas holds many of the aces. Let’s take the example of in-pipe gas storage as an example. Line-packing might not be the usual topic amongst MPs but in the current climate, they should know about it. In-house storage, giving flexibility to meet demand and help secure supplies is exactly what the country is crying out for – but my friends, here we go again, we do it but don’t tell anyone. It isn’t a closely guarded secret that only the gas industry should know about, it’s a public benefit. But the public don’t know. It is so frustrating.

So, having put down the cooking utensils, here I go. Gas industry, “let’s be having you”.

Best wishes

Mike Foster, EUA

Mike Foster

EUA's Chief Executive


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