It’s party time

26th Dec 2021


Now I don’t want to stir up trouble for anyone, that’s not my style, but for some people Christmas can’t come soon enough.

A break from the major affairs of state, such as is cheese and wine a ‘party’ or a business meeting, must be taxing. But for our industry, like many others, Christmas isn’t a time for a break. Work goes on. Continuously supplying homes with gas to keep people warm; provide hot water and cooking demands a 24/7 resilient system. For those that supply products to consumers, by the millions each year, they too will have staff working throughout the Christmas period.

All we hope for is for things to run smoothly. No major weather events, no disruptive external shock, just a boring Christmas period. One that’s relaxing for those on-call or staffing control rooms while the rest of the country eats and drinks (all socially distanced of course).

In many ways being boring is what the consumer also wants. They don’t want to be spending their valuable time adjusting heating systems; searching for the best deals; constantly monitoring temperatures or energy prices. They simply want their heat and hot water when it suits them, nothing exciting just boringly being there.

Behind the scenes, we might be engaged with innovation, a better gadget or new service, and we have a great track record of this, the average consumer doesn’t much care. Why would they? If we remember that, then our ability to forge a long-term future role for gas, the networks and appliances will be enhanced.

For all those staff who will be working over the Christmas period, I hope it is as quiet and uneventful as possible. I don’t wish you a boring Christmas, but a peaceful one. For everyone else, I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, thank you for your support in 2021 and let’s do it again in 2022.

Best wishes

Mike Foster, CEO

Mike Foster

EUA's Chief Executive


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