How to become an Energy Conscious Organisation

This is the framework that we created to help you reach your net-zero goals and it is the start of your journey towards becoming an Energy Conscious Organisation.

How to...

Any organisation in the world can achieve the status of an Energy Conscious Organisation (EnCO) by fulfilling certain requirements. The registration is approved by ESTA and the Energy Institute following a rigorous process of evaluation by industry experts in energy management and behavioural aspects of saving energy.

Registration entitles the organisation to use the EnCO registered logo and is valid for 3 years from registration. Registration provides evidence from an independent source that the organisation is evaluated to be energy conscious.

The Benefits of being an EnCO
  • Externally verified recognition by experts in progress achieved and approved by ESTA and the Energy Institute
  • EnCO registration and logo as evidence of good practice to shareholders, regulators, stakeholders and employees
  • A method and approach to sustain and improve energy consumption reductions with the resulting cost savings
  • The programme partners will be engaging proactively to gain greater recognition and subsequent opportunities to gain access to work frameworks as a result of holding the accreditation
  • Become part of the wider EnCO community to enable sharing of good practice
  • Reduction in fees for EnCO courses
  • Ability to attract new talent
  • Stimulus to continuous improvement