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1st Aug 2022


I’d like to thank BEIS for producing some great online tools recently, all attempting to increase demand for heat pumps. There’s one, into which you type in your postcode, check the EPC and it will give you a range of options going forward. It really needs to be pushed out there and I’d urge you to try it yourself.

I suspect you’ll get results similar to those that I received – I tried several addresses and a pattern did emerge. It will probably say that a range of heat pumps “may be an option”. It will then give the user an indication of the likely cost – something like £5250-£9500 for an ASHP; thermal store (hot water cylinder) an extra £2500-£3000; radiator changes £300 each. I applaud the BEIS heat pump team for getting this information out to the public, rather than any snake-oil sales team promising something for nothing.

The GSHP lobby might not be so keen; the estimates I have seen are in the range of £35,000 to £45,000. I’m not sure this helps their cause but at least the consumer now knows what the cost estimates might be.

The next site they have made available is “find a heat pump installer.” Here the messaging is a bit mixed. It rightly suggests that suitable and qualified installers should be found, stating that MCS accreditation is required for any government funding schemes. It says MCS shows the installer is technically competent and the products used meet the correct standards. I argue this should be the default position for consumer protection, but clearly, BEIS are happy for cowboys and shoddy practice to take place.

Clicking on the search highlights a major problem. I searched for installers covering Birmingham – host of the Commonwealth Games 2022; our second city; population of over one million. I found ten installers within a 12-mile radius of Brum. That’s right, it isn’t a typo, ten to fit heat pumps to over 430,000 houses. Guess they are going to be busy.

Best wishes

Mike Foster CEO 

Mike Foster

EUA's Chief Executive


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