Time to reflect on safety

19th Jun 2017


I had planned to write my column this week about Solid Wall Insulation and some of the latest findings on its effectiveness.

With the events of last week, and what I suspect will become a long list of deadly failings, I’m sure you will understand if I save that for another day.

In my briefer than usual blog, I will reflect on something the energy industry may have lost sight of, but the gas industry hasn’t – safety. Volumes are written about performance of materials, especially competing technologies. Little is written about safety. As an example, the Each Home Counts review is desperate to get gas installers to sign up to new codes of conduct; new customer pathways and they say nothing on safety.

I am always impressed at the safety first mentality displayed by our industry; outsiders may look aghast at “safety moments” which begin meetings – but they are ingraining safety across the whole of the business. Last week, of all weeks, may signal to the wider world that “safety first” is the way to go.

Best wishes

Mike Foster, CE