“It’s deja vu, all over again"

12th Jun 2017


For the second time in six months, I’ll start by saying, “bet you didn’t expect that”.

So what next? Honestly, I’m not sure at the time of writing, that anyone can predict what will happen next. That said, where there is a hung parliament I can’t see much happening that is too radical or different from where we are now.

The downside is that at a time when industry is seeking consensus and stability, we are unlikely to get either. From the point of view of our “political friends” in Parliament, most energy insiders will join me in welcoming the fact that Alan Whitehead MP has been re-elected. He knows his stuff and is at the heart of the ‘green gas’ revolution that will enable the UK to move towards hitting carbon reduction targets, affordably, whilst offering a secure energy system for the UK.

If you want my two-penny worth, to understand these results you need to look back at the EU Referendum, overlay seats that have a high proportion of younger voters – such as a university in the constituency, and you can see a pattern that emerges.

What this means for the UK and Brexit will be the subject of much discussion in the weeks ahead, and I suspect remaining in the single market (or something close to it) may be on the cards again.

But no more predictions from me, it’s a mug’s game.

Best wishes

Mike Foster, CE